Equity Assessment Survey for Pinellas County


Forward Pinellas is conducting an equity assessment of its agency operations and planning activities.

The goal is to ensure that its mission to “provide leadership to align resources and plans that help to achieve a compelling vision for Pinellas County, our individual communities and our region” is both inclusionary and equitable.

As part of this assessment, Forward Pinellas will conduct research, stakeholder engagement, and analysis for the development of a forward-looking strategic plan to enhance equity within Forward Pinellas staff, governance and committee structure, as well as Forward Pinellas work products.

The equity assessment will research the systems, policies, and practices that have resulted in inequity, particularly among ethnic minorities, in Pinellas County, and develop a series of actions to ensure that our work as the countywide planning agency is inclusive and results in equitable outcomes for the entire community.



The Equity Emphasis Map is a vital facet of the Equity Assessment as it serves as documentation of existing census data on households representing minority, low-income, limited English speaking and no vehicle statuses.  This data will be an essential tool for our analysis, research, outreach and advocacy.

This map details the equity emphasis areas within Pinellas County by U.S. Census Tract. Equity emphasis areas include areas with high minority populations, high populations of minorities without vehicle access due to poverty, high populations of limited English-speaking households, or areas where all of those criteria are met. These criteria are based on county-wide averages previously identified through our Environmental Justice Analysis.

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